Prof. Anuradha Mahasinghe

Prof Anuradha Mahasinghe

Prof. Anuradha Mahasinghe

Deputy Director

Anuradha Mahasinghe is a Professor in Computational Mathematics at the Department of Mathematics, University of Colombo. He is the initiator and the coordinator of the Hons Degree program on Computational Mathematics and the current Deputy Director of the Center for Mathematical Modeling.

He has over 10 years experience in Computational Mathematics, in particular in the field of quantum computing, from his doctoral and post-doctoral research at the University of Colombo, the University of Western Australia in Perth and the University of Auckland in New Zealand. He has published several scientific papers on several subfields in Computational Mathematics such as quantum computing, optimization and discrete mathematics. He is an editor of the Journal of Universal Computer Science, published by the University of Graz in Austria. In addition to his role in computational mathematics, he is known as an award-winning writer as well.